Rosetta Ensemble
Suite Gambrinus: I. Evening at Gambrinus, II. Hora Staccato. III. Tango, IV. Waltz, V. Polka of the bandits. Composed by Mikhail Bezverkhni for the homonyme movie “Gambrinus” (Odessa, 1990).Violin: Mikhail Bezverkhni, Piano: Mireille Gleizes.
In the video you can watch images from the movie.
To watch the full movie please visit the link below.


Mephisto Waltz
Gambrinus (1990), Dmitri Meskhiyev
Mikhail Bezverkhni as Sasha
Mikhail Bezverkhni – Music
For details see link to IMDB [Click Here]
During his stay in Cremona for giving masterclasses
Maestro Bezverkhni gave a small solo concert on a violin of Luc Deneys,
paying tribute to Antonio Stradivari, at the Piazza Stradivari in Cremona, Italy.
He played following pieces:
1. 00:38 Veracini – Largo in f sharp minor
2. 04:32 Paganini – Caprice 24 for solo violin
3. 09:11 Shubert – Ave Maria – (arr. Bezverkhni)
Camera: Fabio Luppi & Stefaan De Rycke